Inspect Suite Provides System-Independent 3D Data Evaluation

Professional evaluation is what turns precise measurement results into a competitive advantage. 3D metrology specialist GOM has become the gold standard in many sectors with its all-in-one GOM Inspect software with customers appreciating how easy the software is to operate and its reliable navigation that it provides along the entire workflow – from measurement to inspection and final report.

The new GOM Inspect Suite continues GOM’s focus on concrete customer benefits: all applications are now fully integrated and can also be customized flexibly using in-house scripts.

GOM, a ZEISS Group company, provides optical 3D metrology systems. The associated GOM software features free inspection functions that are updated every year and can be extended through the addition of paid modules. GOM’s focus is on its customers: thanks to the software’s intuitive operation and customizable functions, both beginners and industry experts can carry out their specific measurement tasks easily and optimize their processes.

Giant Step Into The Future

The 2020 software release includes structural improvements as well as additional functions. GOM’s new software platform goes by the name GOM Inspect Suite. Grouping together all applications and offering full integration, from 3D data capture to reporting, the platform offers a large number of workflow efficiency improvements, greater flexibility and process security, and reduces the need to invest in training.

System-Independent Evaluation of 3D measuring data

The GOM Inspect Suite 2020 also offers system-independent evaluation software for 3D measuring data generated by fringe projection scanners, laser scanners, coordinate measuring machines and other measuring machines. Users can work with polygon meshes, inspect measuring data and produce reports as easily and efficiently as ever. Paid modules like GOM Inspect Professional support parametric inspection and simplify the entire measurement workflow through templates for measuring procedures and inspection reports (‘Smart Teach’ functions).

The reporting function of GOM Inspect allows the collection of all information in a single document. The report can contain dimensional analyses, tables and color comparisons as well as volume renderings and cross-sectional images allowing users to clearly visualize, document and share the generated results. For existing projects, it is possible to drag a new actual data set into the project and with one click, the software recalculates the entire project including the report.

Highlights of 2020 Release

Significant Addition to Volume Inspection Features

The 2020 release includes a set of functions for volume inspection of voxel data generated by computed tomography (CT) scans in the free standard inspections. An innovative 3D volume renderer supports the visualization of interior structures, geometries and shrinkage cavities. Assembly situations and virtual sectional views can also be analyzed using the CT data.

The software intuitively offers all available analyses of features and defects with a single mouse click. Users can interactive with 3D views focussing on areas of most interest. In addition all results are listed in an easy-to-generate measurement report that automatically updates itself when new data is available.

Industry Specific Inspection Modules

The modules currently on offer are aimed at customers with special requirements. Blade Inspection functions, for instance, support the inspection of turbine blades in the aerospace industry. The world’s first Virtual Clamping solution has been developed further for the automotive industry, for use with rigid and non-rigid parts made from sheet metal and plastic. The measuring data produced as a result of Virtual Clamping are exactly comparable with the results of a physically clamped component. The software function removes the need to invest in expensive clamping fixtures and minimizes operator influence.

The component-based workflow and digital assembly in the software have been further optimized. It is now possible to digitize additional parts from within an assembly project for fast trend analyses. These modules also include a virtual measuring room for automated measurements and component checks in series production. An intuitive Kiosk Interface makes it easier for non-specialists to get started with measurement automation.

To help users understand and make use of the new software functions in the 2020 release, the GOM Training Center is offering tutorials and sample data sets. Online training courses enable users to take part from anywhere at any time and supplement the classroom seminars.

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