INSPECT.assembly Automated Visual Inspection Station

The INSPECT.assembly solution, from Radiant Vision Systems, is a fully-integrated inspection station that utilizes a Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric Imaging Photometer, bright field lighting, and programmable inspection software to detect subtle, low-contrast defects on complex assemblies.
The system can be easily added to a production line to accommodate real-time inspection with greater accuracy and repeatability than human inspectors or traditional machine vision systems, while occupying the same footprint as an inspector on the line. The system can track inspected parts by serial number while recording defects, defect type, and defect trending data. The system performs a range of machine vision inspections, simultaneously or in sequence, employing the breadth of inspection tools packaged in Radiant’s new, configurable INSPECT Software.
The INSPECT.assembly solution can be employed in applications requiring inspection of highly-complex electro-mechanical assemblies for sub and final assembly verification for detection of subtle flaws in high-value components.
Replicate Human Inspection and Judgment
In manufacturing environments where human inspectors are necessary for their superior perception of defects beyond the capabilities of traditional machine vision, but where automation is desired for its efficiency, the INSPECT.assembly system provides the ideal solution. Human perception enables subtle defect detection and judgment of acceptable tolerances for the type, total, or scope of defects. The INSPECT.assembly automated visual inspection solution is able to provide absolute accuracy in a single inspection, with continuous and reliable performance. The INSPECT.assembly leverages high-dynamic-range, scientific-grade CCDs to replicate human visual sensitivity to contrast, enabling it to identify diverse and obscure features simultaneously, without repeat inspection. The system also features advanced logic to apply specific defect tolerances for pass/fail determinations, while offering superior objectivity and repeatability to human inspectors.
Unmatched Camera Resolution and Dynamic Range
The performance of a machine vision inspection system is dependent on the acquisition of high-quality images, enabling the system to “see” parts and defects in greater detail and apply meaningful evaluations to qualify these details. The resolution of a standard machine vision camera sensor will typically range from one to five megapixels. The INSPECT.assembly inspection system, however, leverages the superior resolution (up to 29MP) and dynamic range (up to 73.4 dB) of Radiant’s ProMetric Imaging Photometers for unmatched image clarity. The dynamic range of the ProMetric camera’s CCD sensor enables the system to detect hairline variations on part surfaces caused by reflections of light. Coupled with the camera’s high resolution, enable the INSPECT.assembly to image and classify defects with extreme precision while maintaining image processing speed and low image noise.
INSPECT.assembly provides a production-level inspection solution with the objectivity, endurance, and repeatability of a machine vision system, while achieving visual inspection capability equal to and even surpassing human perception. This combination addresses manufacturing demands for both operational efficiency and absolute product quality in high-value and high-risk products.
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