Innovative Multi-Scanner System Offers In-Process Measurement

The current needs of manufacturing companies are particularly related to the increase of production efficiency and precise quality control of products. The concept of Industry 4.0 responds to such needs and tries to encompass all production aspects of the enterprise into one cooperative organism. Such a cooperative infrastructure is underlined by the integration of automated, artificial intelligence-based machines and systems as well as the capability of rapid introduction of modifications in production processes. In this context, quality control systems based on precise 3D scanning, gain in its importance.

Evatronix SA, a Polish manufacturer of high-accuracy 3D scanners based on structured light technology offers VDI/VDE certified eviXscan 3D scanners that answer numerous needs of companies operating in various industries. The company’s eviXscan 3D product line comprises currently four models, each with specific functionality and technical parameters suited to different applications. The company also designs dedicated scanning systems based on proprietary image processing methods and point cloud generation algorithms. Such tailored solutions are developed to fulfil very specific customer requirements, for which standard measurement and scanning methods cannot be successfully applied, or the existing solutions are expensive or inefficient.

During the designing of dedicated solution, the client’s quality requirements (precision, time of processing, dimensional assessment etc.) and specific working conditions (variable temperature, humidity, light; pollination effect, vibrance etc.) are taken into consideration They are also adapted in such a way that the entire 3D scanning system works tightly together with other segments of the production line or is directly integrated with them.

Innovative Multi-Scanner Systems

In-process 3D scannning

One of the offered solutions are multi-scanner systems, scanning systems using at least two collaborating eviXscan 3D scanners in one measuring platform, and able to scan the object in sequential mode and merge results obtained from each individual scan.

In every solution individual features such as measuring cubature, properly selected optics resolution, and the accuracy as well as system sampling density can be adapted to achieve the most optimal results. The measurement functionalities of such a system can be even more are augmented by the use of a contact optical probe, which placed in the field of view of the scanners gives the possibility to measure hard-to-reach areas. The information from the probe measurement is fully integrated with the object shape scan.

In systems cooperating directly with other segments of production line, the scan cycle time needs to be optimized to fit into the time-window available for measurement and decision making process regarding the quality of the measured object. Such a system and decision process can be fully automated or limited to a minimal user friendly manual interaction.

The multi-scanner systems allow measurements based on a comparison of the scanned shape instance with its reference model most often in the form of a CAD design. The system provides OK/NOK control, but also allow the customer to perform and archive all required measurements on the acquired data, together with an automatic generation of quality inspection reports for each controlled item for full traceability.

Quality inspection reports and measurement statistics are generated using Geomagic Control X or PolyWorks Inspector software. These tools process the data received from eviXscan 3D scanners and offer measurement and analysis capabilities similar to the so-called virtual CMMs.

“The use of structured light technology allows obtaining both high repeatability of measurements and high quality reproduction of scanned objects” – says Tomasz Sernicki, sales manager of dedicated 3D systems at Evatronix SA. “Dedicated systems collect and process large amounts of precise data in a very short time, which is combined with parallel scanning and generation of reports, thereby reducing overall inspection cycle time. What distinguishes Evatronix’s offer is the flexibility of the solution and the ability to tailor the technology to specific customer requirements while maintaining a favorable relationship between the offered functionality and price.”

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