Innovalia Launch M3MH Machine-Tool Metrology Software

Innovalia Metrology, the metrology unit of the Innovalia Group, has launched M3MH, its new measurement software for machine-tools. Having advanced measurement capabilities in the machine tool itself and being able to manage them easily directly contributes to real-time defect reduction.

Machine tool metrology solutions have been round for many years, most of them based on G-codes and providing limited functionality. M3MH is a full measurement software that allows the user to verify, set up and measure in a very easy way. Innovalia Metrology. M3MH establishes a direct communication with the machine tool controller from the measurement software.

M3MH is set to break the current paradigm and offers a complete machine-tool measurement software that allows the user to control the machine tool from a PC. M3MH has an intuitive graphical interface allowing the user easy access to functions of the measurement software.

In addition to verification and set-up, MM3H offers complete measuring capabilities including: CAD programming, automated measurement plans, alignments, tool offset and customized reports. M3MH allows off-line programming, connecting with the machine controller and communicating the commands to carry out the programmed measurement plan. The performing of complete quality management during the process provides immediate feedback and makes continuous adjustment of the production process possible.

The further combination of M3MH with verification artifacts helps to maximize the machine-tool accuracy and performance.

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