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Inline Quality Control Contour Analysis

Assembly and error-proofing applications can be costly if not done correctly. Solutions for these applications range from single point lasers to complex camera systems requiring appropriate lighting. The PMD Profiler projects a laser line that very accurately measures the contour of the part. At its simplest, the profiler is a point-and-shoot device that provides highly accurate pass/fail information. It is immune to extraneous light, so anyone can get the sensor up and running quickly with no prior experience.

Cost Effective Alternative to Camera Systems and 1D Distance Sensors

The PMD Profiler reaches a whole new dimension in error control. Camera systems can be sensitive to external light and 1D distance sensors require precise positioning making alignment challenging. The PND Profiler is unaffected by external light and it reliably inspects objects even at varying distances.

The PMD Profiler uses the triangulation principle with the sensor projecting a laser line onto the part surface to be measured. Laser light is reflected and recorded by the receiving PMD chip in the sensor. The contour sensor detects the height profile of the object through an angular offset between the projection unit and the receiving element. The PMD Profiler measures in a range from 150 to 300 mm. The recorded height profile is independent of the distance between the sensor and the object which simplifies alignment and positioning of the sensor.

Teaching of a reference objects takes place using the three sensor buttons directly through the guided menu in the color display. A projected guide line makes it easier to determine the appropriate area on the part. As soon as the height profile of a reference part has been taught further parts are compared with the taught contour. Good parts are signaled directly on the sensor via a switching LED. Additional information such as reject rate and recorded profiles can be transmitted to higher-level systems using the IO-Link for process optimization.

The profiler offers robust measurements even on shiny parts.

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