Inline Multi-Stereo Technology Sensor Offers Speed and High Precision

With fast and accurate 3D shape capture, the new X-GAGE3D multi-stereo sensor from ISRA Vision can be used directly in production for 100% inspection or offline. X-GAGE3D performs 3D quality checks and object digitization reliably and within the shortest scan and computation times. All spatial features and free form surfaces, including gap and hole dimensions, are captured with just one scan with generated results immediately available for further processing.

The multi-stereo technology of the X-GAGE3D precisely reproduces complex surfaces, even under difficult production conditions; three integrated cameras and high-performance LED lighting allows the system to captures even the smallest details and reliably creates “watertight” models. The integrated merging of single shots allows the complete capture of large objects.

The high level of precision is made possible by the combination of high-performance optical components and the collection of an “ultrafine” point cloud. The minimum distance between the detected points ensures a high data density and thus the exact reproduction of each object surface independent of the material type. X-GAGE3D has automatic self-checking to regularly check its own calibration ensuring consistent measurement quality as well as stable and repeatable measurement results. The X-GAGE3D sensor is suitable for integration into a production line, as a stand-alone system or for applications in the quality lab. The compact and robust design allows use integrated with an industrial robot and since the sensor is delivered pre-calibrated system commissioning is achieved within a very short period.

Inspect or digitize objects – with CAD compare and automatic robot path planning

For quality inspection, X-GAGE3D compares a scanned object with its CAD data set. Shape deviations are immediately recognizable. With this method, the system checks several object features simultaneously significantly speeding up quality control. Due to the sensors size-optimized field of view a minimum number of ‘shots’ are necessary. The software uses the CAD model to independently calculate the optimum Robot track for scanning the part. This intelligent path planning eliminates set-up time to manually prepare the robot for the scan task. In the case of part digitization, which creates a CAD data set, X-GAGE3D also automatically develops the next path section after detecting the first part surface until the object has been completely captured.

ISRA’s Absolute Measurement reference system determines the sensor’s position in space with absolute reference to a higher-level coordinate system for maximum accuracy of measured results. The X-GAGE3D is supplied with communication interfaces OPC-UA and WLAN modules ready for the future of Industrial Automation. ISRA‘s “Touch & Automate“ concept enables customers to commission the system quickly and easily without any expert knowledge.

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