Industrial Smart Watch Integrates Humans with IIoT -Industry 4.0

WORKERBASE GmbH has developed an industrial Smart Watch that integrates humans with the IIoT and Industry 4.0 allowing direct user integration with manufacturing processes. The Smart Watch comes bundled with back-end solutions that are event-driven, digitize and optimize manufacturing processes, and can issue alerts, display work instructions and implement quality control checklists.

Real-Time Accurate Data

Outdated or wrong information to workers can result in product quality defects. The Workerbase Smart Watch helps to minimize variations in product quality by providing accurate and timely information on the wearable device and allows the collection of real-time feedback about product defects or process deviations from defined tolerance limits. The Workerbase system allows integration with ERP existing systems to gather relevant information and distribute the correct information in real-time and with minimal effort.

The integrated Smart Watch barcode scanner and 8 megapixel camera allows efficient real-time documentation of defects. All data is sent directly to the Workerbase back-end for analysis. Corrective actions can be initiated and sent directly to the relevant employees.

The analysis of key-performance-indicators (KPIs), such as product quality, productivity, lead time, stock level, schedule adherence etc., form a sound basis for business decisions. The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a standard approach to measure the effectiveness of manufacturing operations. KPIs normally incorporate three different data sources: equipment availability, performance and quality, and thus assesses the equipment effectiveness from multiple perspectives. However, meaningful data is needed and this requires efficient data acquisition capabilities. The Workerbase platform provides efficient data acquisition functions and dashboards to visualize performance analysis.

The WORKERBASE smartwatch allows users to generate new data points e.g. with its integrated barcode scanner or by using manufacturing apps. The annotation of context information e.g. photos enriches data sets and provides actionable information.

  • Production parameters of connected IOT devices or connected machines can be visualized on the Workerbase Smart Watch.
  • Collected data can be used to produce indicators for work performance and analyzed in web based dashboards.
  • Receive regular performance reports informing responsible managers and increase manufacturing operations transparency.
  • Digital checklists on wearable device ensures process compliance.
  • Efficient and comprehensive documentation of incoming and outgoing goods with wearable device.
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