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Industrial Drones To Take-off and Fly Inside Factories

The industrial drone industry is still very young, but the market for industrial drone applications is growing. At the HANNOVER MESSE this year (13-17 July) the emerging drone industry has been given the opportunity to present their concepts and visions in the Industrial Drone Arena. The application examples shown range from inventory, material flow and transport tasks to inspection, monitoring and surveying solutions. Visitors can experience the drones in action on the flight zone throughout the entire week of the exhibition. “Drones hold enormous potential for optimizing industrial and logistical processes. We are therefore delighted to offer this high-tech technology a prominent stage at the upcoming HANNOVER MESSE,” says Krister Sandvoss, Global Director Industries & Logistics at Deutsche Messe AG.

The following companies will be showcasing their drones in the Industrial Drone Arena:

Beagle Systems
Beagle Systems is developing an unmanned aircraft. This aircraft takes off and lands vertically and can transport a load of 5 kg fully electrically over a distance of 100 km within the European legal framework. The focus is on medical transports (e.g. tissue samples) and the inspection of infrastructure facilities (e.g. high-voltage lines).

CiS GmbH
CiS GmbH manufactures and operates inspection systems for environment, agriculture and industry. With specific flight technology and software solutions for indoor and outdoor are developed. Particularly light and powerful copters for outdoor use, combined with sophisticated software for flight planning, automatic execution and image analysis, characterize the CiS solutions. Besides agriculture, forestry and commercial horticulture, traffic and industrial plants are the focus of the inspection and surveying systems. Indoors, special copters with lighting systems are used, which can also be used in areas inaccessible to humans, such as uncleaned power plant boilers or for gas free measurement. The company’s offer ranges from complete systems to relevant services.

D-ARIA is the solution to quickly and easily generate a digital image of the warehouse occupancy. D-ARIA not only replaces the time-consuming, manual and error-prone search and counting work, but also enables an automated end-to-end inventory check. Within a very short time, the drone delivers a “2nd truth”, the independent digital twin. This digital image of the warehouse allows errors to be identified and correction suggestions to be reported to the warehouse personnel. No intervention in the warehouse infrastructure is necessary – D-ARIA works plug & play.

DiAvEn offers with the product Labfly a delivery drone. The specially developed localization system enables reliable urban operation of drones. The Labfly can even be operated fully automatically inside buildings and land precisely in the smallest of spaces. The particularly efficient design of the drone results in fewer emissions at a high cruising speed and low operating costs. DiAvEn can transport 1kg over 20km safely and independent of traffic with the Labfly. The transport space in the drone is insulated and temperature monitored. A flight mission can be started with a few clicks using the specially developed app and monitored at any time. Currently the Labfly is used for laboratory sample transport between hospitals.

doks. innovation
The start-up doks. innovation was founded in 2017 in the environment of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund. The company has been operating from its headquarters in Kassel since 2018 and develops solutions for automated data acquisition and processing in logistics. To this end, innovative carrier technologies, such as drones, highly sensitive sensors and intelligent software are combined with machine learning algorithms to create a powerful ecosystem for efficient logistics processes. The doks. solution inventAIRy®XL is an autonomous drone that operates in conjunction with an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for inventory control in pallet racking warehouses and can be used for several hours without interruption. This generates up-to-date information on stock levels and other parameters such as packaging quality, for example, which are exported directly to the WMS/ERP system via interfaces. The user saves up to 80% of time and 70% of costs and can make his warehouse processes more efficient with the help of the information obtained.

Emqopter’s delivery drone is the first fully autonomous unmanned aerial system (UAS) which is regularly operated in urban open airspace in Germany for the transport of urgent goods on the “last mile”. Whether for the transport of medical goods such as blood samples, blood reserves and transplants or for industrial goods such as work parts, spare parts and goods: the delivery drone demonstrates the civil social benefits that drones already create today. Emqopter will also be presenting its latest version of the Quanipulator – a multicopter which, thanks to a modular gripper arm that allows movements of six degrees of freedom, can not only pick up, transport and set down objects independently, but also performs complex activities and interacts with its environment.

The Chair for Manufacturing Automation and Production Systems (FAPS) of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg will show the automated transport of standardized load carriers with flying robots at the IDA. Using the KINEXON real-time localization system, the navigation through the material warehouse to the specified storage location takes place first. The flying robot then locates the load carrier with the requested goods, picks it up independently and, after transport in the air, sets it down at the goods transfer point, where the required components are removed by another robot. The use of flying robots for the transport of goods creates a highly flexible transport system that enables short and direct transport routes and represents a cost-efficient solution for the rapid transport of spare parts and the cyclic transport of small parts.

Wherever goods worthy of protection or security-critical infrastructures are present, drones can be a valuable addition to existing security systems. At HANNOVER MESSE, engineering partner IAV is presenting a captive – i.e. wired – drone system for monitoring buildings and securing industrial plants. Due to the power supply via cable, the system can be in the air around the clock. Since the data connection is also exclusively cable-based, a high degree of information security is also guaranteed. In addition, the drone system can be adapted in a modular fashion and seamlessly integrated into various infrastructures and security systems using a framework developed by IAV. Last but not least, the system features a machine-to-machine interface (M2M), enabling the drone to take off, complete its mission and land precisely without human intervention. Object detection, AI-based image evaluation and M2M control together form a strong team for the surveillance task.

Third Element Aviation
Third Element Aviation GmbH presents a solution for the coordinated control of industrial drones via control center. Together with development partners, the Bielefeld-based company will be exhibiting not only industrial drones for transport, monitoring and inspection. The focus is on an integrated, industrial control center solution that plans, coordinates and monitors fully automated drone operations via 4G. Visitors can plan and schedule missions themselves at intuitive workstations, which are implemented directly and live on the company’s premises.