Industrial Dimensional Metrology Conference

Metromeet is a unique event and one of the most important international conferences in the field of industrial dimensional metrology. The 15th annual event is scheduled for April 10-12 2019 in Bilbao Spain.

Metromeet gathers together companies executives from the most significant metrology companies including Zeiss, Renishaw, Creaform, and Faro, Faro together with responsible from the most important institutions such as PTB, University of Nottingham UK, MTC in UK,, the National Scientific Center Institute of Metrology of Ukraine.

During the three day conference, the program will be structured around key topics including: Real Applications of Intelligent Metrology, Advanced Instrumentation and Calibration, Metrology and Industry 4.0 and New Dimensional Metrology Solutions.

Metromeet guest of honor is Sara García, a two-time champion of Spanish TT Rally (2016 and 2017) who will participate in the Dakar 2019 , proclaiming herself as the first woman to do the Dakar in Malle Moto. Sara will put on the table, from a different perspective, the value of metrology and quality management in one of the most competitive sectors.

Metromeet sponsors include Innovalia Metrology, Zeiss, Renishaw, Faro, Creaform and Faro. The Conference has scheduled a program of 24 presentations that promises to offer high-level technological content and unique networking sessions with professionals from the world of industry and representatives of significant international companies.

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Metromeet is bringing together principle representatives of international universities and other public and private centers such as the PTB, MTC, the Nottingham University, the Regionale Directorate of Legal Metrology in Romania, Advanced Forming Research Center, the University Antwerp and the National Metrology Scientific Center Institute of Metrology in Ukraine.

The conference will address the challenges companies face today in assessing the benefits of adopting smart metrology technologies. Topics such as predictive maintenance and interoperability will be key for companies looking at how to make the leap to digital optimized production.

The full conference schedule can be viewed here.

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