In-Situ CT Ensures Quality Under all Conditions

Industrial computed tomography (CT) is a standard method of non-destructive material testing. The possibility of analyzing, investigating and measuring complex internal and external structures is ever increasing the popularity of CT.

For some applications special environment simulations are demanded frequently. At this point climatic chambers take effect to generate and keep temperatures alive. They are part and parcel of today’s quality management for establishing storing and aging processes as well as the reliability of a product in a defined thermal environment. Their findings make a significant contribution to a higher product lifetime and the safety of users.

diondo In-situ-CT combines these two procedures in one solution with it’s In-situ-CT and presents for the first time a computed tomography system with an integral, large climate chamber.

One potential benefactor of In-situ CT is electro-mobility products using li-ion batteries with high energy density and facing ongoing critical safety and security issues: How does temperature affect the inner structure and geometry? How is the behavior under constant high temperatures or drastic temperature fluctuations?

diondo’s In-situ-CT provides an insight into a products interior at temperatures between -72°C and + 180° C. Due to the combination of high material density and comparatively large dimensions of li-ion batteries the system is equipped with a powerful 600 kV X-ray tube. Since safety is critical when handling high-energy batteries gas and thermal-sensors monitor the CT system in case of an exothermic reaction; in the event the complete climatic chamber is flooded with foam by an external extinguishing device.

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