In-Process Gear Inspection at Light Speed

Gleason Metrology Systems is racing to keep pace with the inspection challenges of today’s gear manufacturers and add value with new technologies that improve accuracy, cycle times, capabilities and ease of use. The new, powerful GRSL (Gear Rolling System with Integrated Laser Technology) adds value to high volume transmission gear inspection by combining revolutionary non-contact laser inspection with tried-and-true composite roll testing.

GRSL (Gear Rolling System with Integrated Laser Technology) combines traditional roll testing with advanced non-contact laser technology in a single system. Cycle times for index and profile inspection now takes place in seconds, making 100% analytical inspection a reality for today’s toughest gear applications; measurement of profile, pitch and composite errors all performed simultaneously. GRSL delivers unprecedented in-process inspection speed and flexibility for cylindrical gears up to 250 mm in diameter.

GRSL provides analytical output on all teeth for profile and index with functional characteristics including nick detection, total composite variation, total run-out, tooth to tooth average DOP and average circular tooth thickness. GRSL offers flexibility for a wide range of external cylindrical gears and is available in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic configurations.

The GRSL system shows data real-time to display developing trends in the manufacturing process. Results can be sent back to machines for in-process, closed loop machine tool corrections.

“Measurements of analytical characteristics are typically taken on a dedicated, stand-alone analytical machine in a lab or on the shop floor, not inline. This typically takes several minutes for a sampling of teeth for involute measurement and all teeth for index. The GRSL offers analytical measurement of all teeth in a matter of seconds, with many tests completed in 10 to 15 seconds, and provides the double flank composite test data simultaneously, including nick detection, thus delivering significant throughput value. The GRSL also offers the flexibility of operating the analytical and composite, double flank tests independent of one another if desired. This can offer advantages such as extending the life of the master gear if, for example, it is determined that not all parts require double flank composite testing” states Douglas Beerck Vice President and General Manager Gleason Metrology Systems.

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