In-Line Metrology Guided RobotsTo Aid Vehicle Assembly

Perceptron, Inc. has announced new In-Line Robot Guidance Solutions orders with a prominent automotive OEM for two of their new vehicle programs.

The first program consists of three automated part load stations in the manufacturing line that measure and provide guidance for the accurate placement of the hood, front and rear doors for two vehicle models. The second program includes door hinge loading stations, a station that loads all four doors to the body, and a station that loads the windshield frame to the body for two vehicle models.  The addition of these solutions is aimed to help improve production efficiency and enhance product quality in these vehicle programs.

“We are very pleased with these new orders and the increased interest in our Automated Robot Guidance Solutions as OEMs see the benefit of automated assembly and dimensional gauging in the same station,” said Rick Van Valkenburg, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing for Perceptron. “Perceptron offers a unique solution that reduces build variation and provides accurate, dimensional measurements before and after the parts are joined. By using the Perceptron sensors for assembly and measurement, our customers have reduced tooling costs, improved quality, and have accurate dimensional data on every final assembly they build.”

Perceptron sensors measure critical locations around the vehicle’s hood, door openings, and windshield frame to calculate the most favorable part placement given the actual build dimensions. The measurements and robot offsets are completed within seconds and applied for optimal fit of the parts.

Each of the above programs include Perceptron AutoFit stations for automated inspection of the gap and flushness of adjacent body panels. These programs are currently being installed with full production beginning in early 2018 for the first program, and in 2019 for the second program.

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