in.Grid Bringing Digitization To Production Floor

In the digital factory everything is connected: the machines, the robots, and the individual production units that communicate with each other and with the operators, transferring data in real time to a central system capable of interpreting and analyzing them, thereby making the whole process workflow more efficient.

in.Grid is a fluid, intelligent circuit made possible by the new digital platform. Comau Head of Digital Product Development Carem Rosito Mercio led the multi-country, multi-sector engineering team that oversaw the development of in.Grid with a goal in mind: to provide companies with an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) tool for manufacturing that is agile and customizable to digitize their factory and productivity in line with what is required by Industry 4.0.

“in.Grid was born from two years of research and work conducted by a cross-section team, which involved various Comau business units and functions, such as Robotics and Automation Products, Machining and Digital Initiative Platform in various countries including Italy, India, France, China, USA and Brazil,” explains Carem Rosito Mercio. “The collaboration with companies from different industrial sectors from automotive to general industry made it possible to create a platform capable of responding to the main needs of manufacturing – an open system, accessibility both in the cloud and via an online PC, and adaptability to any machine regardless of brand and its state of sensing.”

It’s a highly customizable passkey system to digitalize multiple industrial applications. The development of the AI algorithm that allows intelligent and custom use of in.Grid is the result of 45 years of Comau experience in process management multi-sector industrial companies.

Due to Comau’s know-how in the creation of user-friendly software, the platform can connect factory automation in an extremely simple way by communicating online with the operator via PC, mobile and/or wearable devices, with intuitive and customizable interfaces depending on the tasks that the operators have to perform and their degree of complexity.

in.Grid is a further step forward in the creation of the smart factory. In order to optimize factory productivity, in addition to collecting, storing and analyzing machine data and process data, in.Grid allows the creation of a plant digital twin to simulate corrective actions of work flows within a virtual environment to conduct preventive and predictive maintenance activities.

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