Improving CMM Productivity with Automation

Loading and unloading parts onto a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is one of the most tedious tasks and, in many cases, the bottleneck during automated CMM part inspections.

By adding collaborative robots to the inspection process, CMM users can increase part inspection throughput significantly. Collaborative robots are easy-to-use, require no specialized personnel, and allow multi-part inspection to be executed automatically. Metrology system integration company 3D Infotech calls the process ‘Machine Tending’.

CMM tending frees the operator from repetitive tasks allowing them to execute additional activities or even scale up to supporting several CMMs simultaneously – dramatically increasing productivity.

3D Infotech’s Streamline automation software is the core of the machine tending process providing seamless integration between robot, PolyWorks|Inspector metrology software, and the coordinate measuring machine.

Cobots have integrated collision detection and safety sensors allowing the machine tending systems to work side by side manufacturing personal.

The 3D Infotech machine tending solutions are compatible with all leading CMM brands.

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