Hyperscan Delivers Quality Data To Drive Manufacturing Processes

There has been a long recognised need for consistent, effective, efficient and robust data to drive manufacturing processes. HYPERSCAN from INSPHRE has been created to collect high-integrity datasets that are information-rich and can deliver the manufacturing insights that sit at the heart of Industry 4.0. It has the ability to provide diagnostic information and inform with respect to manufacturing trends, deformations and surface details.

HYPERSCAN combines industrial automation with state-of-the-art metrology to provide a turnkey system for in-line measurement within a standard cell configuration. Robust data can be gathered even when challenged with measuring highly reflective or absorptive surfaces such as carbon fibre or machined aluminium and can be cost effectively scaled for parts up to 30 metres.

Using robotics, sensor positioning is highly repeatable and follows the same paths each time which can be optimised specifically to a part. Furthermore, the system is capable of integrating multiple hardware, software and automation options allowing the most appropriate metrology for a feature type resulting in exceptionally repeatable measurements.

“Hyperscan delivers an innovative ‘off-the-shelf’ solution for automated shop floor inspection, that is ideally suited to large components where the use of a tradition CMM would be impractical due to environmental conditions and expensive due to size.” comments Ben Adeline – Insphere, CEO.

HYPERSCAN delivers the robust, diagnostic manufacturing information that is a key enabler for smart factories and can overcome the need for traditional CMMs including:

  • Rapid, automated inspection
  • Capability to verify tight aerospace tolerances
  • A turnkey solution that is flexible, easy to install and easy to program
  • Automated reporting generating clear, actionable data
  • Scalable for parts up to 30 metres

For more information: www.insphereltd.com