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Hybrid Light Source Handheld 3D Scanners Launched

SHINING 3D has added a new line of handheld color 3D scanners to its proven EinScan Series. The new EinScan H and HX handheld color 3D scanners are adding a new dimension of 3D scanning capacity to the EinScan portfolio.

Based on many years of profound experience in 3D vision technology and 3D inspection, evaluation of needs in the market and striving to elevate the EinScan experience to another dimension, SHINING 3D has introduced the EinScan H Series hybrid light source 3D Scanners.

Two Capturing Technologies in One Scanning Device

EinScan H and EinScan HX hybrid light source handheld 3D scanners innovatively integrate the proven EinScan LED light scanning technology with a second light source engaging the devices for a broader range of challenging applications.

EinScan HX – Blue laser X LED – Evolution of Industrial-Grade 3D Scanning

With dual blue light, EinScan HX combines the advantages of LED and laser, boosting the adaptability of scanning materials and ambient light to another dimension, and predestining the device for demanding industrial applications. In rapid scan mode, blue LED structured light is used for capturing object data. 3D data can be obtained quickly without having to apply reference points. The laser scanning mode is equipped with multiple blue laser lines ensuring high accuracy and enabling 3D scanning of reflective metal surfaces quickly, providing high-quality 3D data for reverse design, CAD/CAM and 3D printing.

EinScan H – Invisible Infrared X LED 3D Scanning with Hybrid Light & Full Color

EinScan H popularizes the application of portable color 3D scanning technology. Two light sources enable an adaption to specific scanning requirements with one flexible device. Using an infrared invisible light source, 3D data can be captured at ease and the built-in color camera delivers authentic color scanning data. The smooth and easy scanning experience assures a fast and reliable digitization of medium and large sized items. Innovative software algorithms, combined with the freedom of choosing the most suitable light source for scanning, qualify the EinScan H for high-quality authentic digital replication and digitization. Typical EinScan features comprising user friendly handling and software, ergonomic design and plug-and-play characteristics round off the EinScan H handheld color 3D scanner and make it the perfect companion for applications in the medical sector, art and heritage and education.

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