Horizontal Arm CMM Upgrade Provides Automated Technology To Existing CMM Assetts

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced a horizontal arm coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that enables automotive and other large part manufacturers to adopt smarter, more automated manufacturing practices while reusing existing horizontal arm CMM guideway assets. Hexagon has developed the DEA MERCURY FX solution to meet customers’ demands to combine the accuracy of horizontal arm CMMs with technology advances, such as automation and multisensor capabilities, so they can switch easily between tactile probe and non-contact measurement while capturing data that helps them improve manufacturing processes.

To help manufacturers shift to smarter working more quickly, Hexagon’s DEA MERCURY FX allows the upgrade to the latest metrology tools and software features, while reusing their existing horizontal arm CMM base tables, even if it is not a Hexagon system. Eliminating the need to replace base tables from a wide range of suppliers minimizes disruption and downtime. DEA MERCURY FX is also available as a new standalone horizontal arm CMM solution for manufacturers.

Paolo De Bortoli, Product Line Director, Horizontal Arm CMMs said: “The horizontal arm CMM’s accuracy means many manufacturers want it to be part of their future automation strategy. By designing the DEA MERCURY FX for installation on existing base tables, Hexagon helps manufacturers upgrade to a horizontal arm CMM that supports features such as multisensor capabilities and the latest metrology software. The move reflects our strategy to help manufacturers maximise the use of their existing metrology assets as they adopt new technologies that make their factories smarter and more productive.”

The DEA MERCURY FX is a multisensor horizontal arm CMM that supports both tactile and non-contact scanning. It enables OEMs and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace, defence and railway sectors, as well as manufacturers of large mechanical parts and earth moving machinery to continue to benefit from the precision of horizontal arm CMMs while adopting new, more automated and smarter metrology software and tools.

For more information: www.hexagonmi.com