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Holographic Presentation of 3D Data Becoming a Reality

At the virtual CES 2021 event, San Diego based company, IKIN Inc. unveiled a smartphone accessory, inspired by ‘Sci-Fi Movies’ that can turn content from into 3D holograms.

While most 3D holographic images have to be viewed in the dark, the ones created by IKIN can be viewed in daylight due to a specialized proprietary chemical polymer lens developed specifically for the application. The product is expected to be released later in 2021.

In a previous press release IKIN, Inc. announced that it will be the first company to design a truly interactive, high-quality, and affordable holographic eco-system, in which, every person will be given the tools to create, interact, touch and feel stunning holographic environments right in the palm of their hands. This new form of Holographic Augmented Reality (HAR), is called RYZ and utilizes a new visual environment technology called ‘photon mapping’. The RYZ platform will provide every user and developer the unique ability to map volumetric holographic projections over carefully analyzed environments, creating a truly unique visual experience and will allow the ability to genuinely manipulate environments in never before seen ways.

RYZ is The Dawn of a New Era

RYZ enables vivid, immersive free-standing holograms with lifelike sharpness of light to be generated from the user’s device that can be recorded and replayed. The holograms are volumetric and manipulatable, providing the opportunity to interact with 3D images as if they were real life objects. RYZ also provides the opportunity to convert any 2D image into a 3D Hologram. All texts, photos and videos can be converted through RYZ into holograms.

RYZ has the power to transform our daily lives with experiences, connectivity and content once considered the stuff of dreams. Immersive, true to life 3D holograms with unlimited capability – “With the introduction of RYZ we are excited to show the world a completely new way of interacting with holographic technology right in the palm of their hands,” said Joe Ward, CEO, IKIN. “We firmly believe that the launch of RYZ will lead to significant advances in visual technology and will impact how both consumers and businesses leverage it.”

RYZ makes the hologram real in every way. That includes seamless finger-based touch and control. From motion and size to unique features, creators can add complete user interaction to every hologram, and have it respond in a fully realistic manner. RYZ’s breakthrough volumetric display employs an Ultra-dense Photon Field that can accurately project every color in the spectrum while narrowing the color frequencies to conserve bandwidth by half. The result is rich, vibrant color that can be seen in the brightest light. RYZ features advanced compression that allows it to seamlessly transmit over 4G networks with zero latency while enabling every network and content owner to capitalize on 5G with dynamic streaming, conferencing and visual experiences beyond imagination.

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