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Holographic 3D Imaging Takes Shape

The concept of a volumetric display has been taken in many different directions, from VR and AR to autosteroscopic screens. Now an Australian start-up company, Voxon Photonics, has introduced 3D Volumetric Technology that was recently showcased at the Radiological Society Of North America (RSNA) conference and reported by Imaging Technology News.

3D Volumetric technology brings digital content to life and helps to visualize and communicate, in a collaborative manner, with no barrier to the 3D experience and no special glasses required.

Where putting on a VR headset lets you visualize data in an immersive way, by placing the viewer inside the scene, Voxon technology instead captures the scene and models it using hundreds of millions of points of light. The result is a fully interactive holographic light field that can be viewed from any angle, without headgear or special glasses. The technology uses a half millimeter thick glass plate that pulses up and down very rapidly while projecting 4,000 images per second and can display STL files.

Voxon offers a fully featured 3D API for developers to write applications bring to life their own imaginings.

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Note: The images in this copyright Imaging Technology News video flickers due to the different frame rates of the system and the iPhone used to film it, but the actual images are reported to be much more stable.