Hitachi High-Technologies and Digital Surf Announce New Map 3D software

New Hitachi Map 3D software based on Mountains Technology has been released which opens up a new world of opportunities for researchers and industrial engineers using Hitachi High-Technologie’s cutting-edge scanning electron microscopy (SEM) systems.

Due to the partnership between Hitachi High-Technologies and Digital Surf of France, users now have full access to a set of powerful tools for visualizing, analyzing and reporting on their data. This includes:

  • Ultrafast 3D reconstruction of surface topography
  • Image colorization and enhancement
  • Topography measurements including the volume of surface structures (bumps, holes), step heights, contour etc.
  • Characterization of surface roughness and texture – advanced roughness/waviness filtering techniques – 2D and 3D parameters from Ra to ISO 25178.

Available in 11 different languages, Hitachi map 3D also offers easy-to-use automation tools to speed up analysis. The interactive workflow allows full trace-ability and easy fine-tuning at any time in the analysis process.

Analysis reports can be exported in standard formats for publication (Excel, PDF and Word-compatible RTF). All images can be output at up to 1200 dpi for integration into posters and presentations.

Digital Surf is the developer of Mountains surface metrology and image analysis software for profilers and microscopes integrated by leading instrument manufacturers worldwide.

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