High Throughput CT Part Inspection

The ZEISS VoluMax F1500 thunder computer tomograph detects defects reliably inside components without having to sacrifice throughput. The VoluMax F1500 thunder is the first of its kind to be fully integrated into the production line allowing fast 100% part inspection.

ZEISS acquired a majority share in the Italian industrial X-ray company Boselo High technology in 2017 strengthening its position in 2D and 3D X-ray solutions. ZEISS VoluMax F1500 thunder is the first jointly developed computer tomograph (CT) for automatic inspection in production combining the expertise of both companies.

ZEISS inline CT scanners can perform 100% of all inspections on manufactured plastic and light metal components in the production line – even in harsh production environments and automatically provide good/bad evaluations allowing unusable components to be filtered out. Many different product features can be captured and saved during CT serial inspection.

ZEISS VoluMax systems are suitable for a wide range of applications such as to check the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts or to inspect cylinder heads for blowholes and sand residues. The computer tomographs can be used both inline for 100-percent inspection and close to production for inspecting large sample quantities.

Advanced Software For Automated Inline Testing

ZEISS software allows the use the ZEISS VoluMax CT systems efficiently and exploit their full potential. The ZEISS Automated Defect Detection (ZADD) software uses the CAD model to automatically detect, localize, classify and evaluate whether there are any defects within components that will impair their quality after processing. Defective components are automatically sorted to save the costs of unnecessary further processing. The ZEISS PiWeb data management software recognizes repeated occurrence of defects, which allows early intervention in the casting process and thus reduces scrap and costs.

Multiple Parts In a Single Scan

A significant advantage of computed tomography is that it can replace several costly individual tests. Several smaller components can be recorded in one scan and automatically evaluated with regard to dimensional accuracy. This enables a high throughput in production.

For more information: www.zeiss.com/metrology