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High Speed Multi-Sensor Hambot Introduced

ZEISS has Introduced its new CALENO measuring machine which it describes as more than a robot. It’s a Hambot. The new system combines the accuracy of a HAM (Horizontal Arm Machine) with the speed of a robot. The ZEISS CALENO ensures maximum productivity and precision using the combination of high-performance optical and tactile sensor.

Hambot is the new generation of horizontal arm machines in metrology combining high performance of a robot with possibilities of traditional horizontal arm (CMM) machines.

ZEISS CALENO is a combination of CMM accuracy, collaborative system and an integrated multi-sensor system with automatic tool changer. Maximum versatility and highest performance capabilities ensure higher travel speed, acceleration and accuracy in the measuring room and near the production line.

The ZEISS EagleEye optical sensor enables the ZEISS CALENO Hambot to reduce measuring times up to 85%* with no compromise on quality and accuracy. (*Based on a benchmark for feature measurement: Measurement of 450 features was performed on ZEISS PRO dual arm with EagleEye system on a complete body & white).

CALENO offers spacial speeds of up to 866 mm/s and accelerations of 1500 mm/s2 with the optional safety light barrier installed.

New Non-Indexing DSC Head

High dynamics, excellent precision and accuracy enable the DSC head to perform the various measuring tasks. It works with both tactile and optical sensor systems with extensions of up to 800mm and offers fast rotation speed. The passive probe charger requires neither compressed air nor electricity.

The operator and the measuring system are protected by a multi-layer safety system. Friction drives limit the machine axes power and in case of a collision overcurrent protection of all axis and the switch rails of the Y-arm stop the system immediately.

CALENO has full covers ensuring thermal isolation and moisture protection.

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