High-Speed Laser Triangulation Scanners Perform Measurement Tasks

Riftek’s new 2D laser scanner combined with a comprehensive software development kit facilitate integration into high precision measurement tasks that include surface profile, displacement, dimension measurement, object recognition, flatness, and 3D model construction. The smart RF627 series ARM-based laser scanner offers selectable sampling rates up to 6800 profiles/sec with fast inputs and outputs for event and multiple scanner synchronization. With eight measurement ranges from 10 to 250 mm, a choice of red, blue or IR source versions.

The RF627 series employs optical triangulation to provide a base distance and a generous measurement range with a wide field of view. The new design allows a marked increase of twice the accuracy and four times the speed over previous models for improved measurement precision and productivity. Optional red, blue and IR laser sources allow measurement on reflective materials and high temperature objects. Multiple scanners with different wavelengths can also be supplied, offering the possibility to combine various materials in one measurement system.

The new laser scanner is designed for use in harsh environments. A durable aluminium housing and a novel high resolution glass lens system offers IP67 protection with shock and vibration resistance suitable for the most demanding tasks. Two compact housing styles cover the scanner geometry requirements for the full range of models.

Ethernet connection and a web-browser interface facilitates set-up and programming whilst an integral reset button and LED status on the housing makes installation and troubleshooting straightforward. Synchronization over RS422 covers three inputs and one output with a single hardware input for laser on/off.

The RF627 series has been designed as a new modular platform for rapid application development and updating of 2D scanners and 3D snapshot scanners. Further variants will be offered with longer working ranges, higher scan rates and video camera/encoder integration. Customized models for weld seam inspection, 3D model measurement and tunnel scanning will be offered with compatible ready-to-run software for fast integration into a customer application.

For more information: www.riftek.com