High Speed CT Scanners Perform at Production Pace

The Microtec Cube Eye is an innovative micro computed tomography scanner for non-destructive grading and quality control. The scanner takes up to 5 images per second, providing a complete 360° full 3D tomographic scan.

The 3D reconstruction in ultra-high resolution delivers all geometry and volume measurement data as well as the internal characteristics of the scanned items. Cube Eye X-ray inspection scanner looks inside the material and clearly reveals defects.

Microtec’s Mito CT scanner is an inline version and allows recognition of material and production defects reliably and accurately allowing user to automate, streamline and optimize production.

The software considers customer specific grading and sorting rules. Products that do not meet quality requirements are immediately recognized. All parameters and grading rules can be refined providing 100% control of production.

Capable of processing 300 pieces/minute providing a full digital reconstruction of inner characteristics. The Mito inline computed tomography system can be easily integrated at any point within the manufacturing process is a flexible customizable modular system that can be configured to suit specific applications.

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