High Resolution Automated Tube Measurement Launched

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has launched its new TubeInspect, an update of the well-known turnkey tube and wire inspection solution. The new TubeInspect range is available in four system configurations, including HRC versions boasting higher-definition camera resolution for improved measurement functionality. These new ‘high-resolution camera’ models will also deliver full automation capabilities thanks to advancements made with the new version 7.0 of the BendingStudio software platform, released alongside the new TubeInspect range.

BendingStudio 7.0 also delivers digital CAD-Adaptors, allowing sufficiently high-resolution measuring systems such as TubeInspect HRC models or the Absolute Arm with RS6 Laser Scanner to accurately measure holders and fittings without mechanical adaptors. Much like the new Hotkey control button on the front of all new TubeInspect systems, CAD-Adaptor functionality will deliver reduced measurement handling time, as well as making it easier to combine analysis of multiple production steps within a single machine.

“TubeInspect has been constantly evolving to meet industry needs since it was first launched more than a quarter of a century ago,” says Christoph Dold, TubeInspect Product Manager. “The new TubeInspect is both a continuation of that evolution and a huge advancement, and is built on our long years of experience working closely with the tube manufacturing industry. We’ve seen that tube production is more and more an automated process, but that quality control often remains a bottleneck. With the speed of the new TubeInspect and automatable functionality delivered by BendingStudio 7.0, this is a system that makes tube and wire quality processes fully Industry 4.0 compatible.”

Recent improvements to the BendingStudio software platform in version 7.0 will deliver an improved global system for measuring, reporting and saving of information around the bending process, as well as improved operator independence with system sidelights now fully controllable from within the software. And with the new TubeInspect’s upgraded camera systems, finer changes in tube diameter will be measurable, as will smaller, rotation-symmetric ends, while the accuracy of diameter measurements will also be increased.

For more information: www.hexagonmi.com