High-Precision Measurement – Any Material or Surface

The Keyence CL-3000 CL-3000 series ultra-compact coaxial laser displacement sensors address manufacturing challenges providing high-precision measurement providing simple sensor head installation and program settings.

The new multi-color confocal displacement sensors has light sources and other parts are all mounted inside the optical unit. Since the lens is the only part inside the head, it is not impacted by heat, electrical noise or other error-producing sources.. The CL-3000 is a high accuracy displacement sensors that you can operate rely in any manufacturing environment.

The multi-color confocal method allows for performance not possible with conventional systems.

Ultra-compact and lightweight: The sensor can be installed in small and constrained spaces and can be robot mounted.
Effective on curved, uneven and rough surfaces: Wide angle lense allows high-accuracy measurement on a wide variety of target shapes, including curved or uneven surfaces, and surfaces with rough finishes.
High precision regardless of the material: Measures precisely on all targets, including transparent, mirrored, unfinished metal, ceramic and adhesive surfaces and measures stably on targets that cast multiple reflections or absorb light.

The sensor uses an ultra-high brightness multi-color transmitter light source which allows for a larger measurement range and higher accuracy across the entire measurement range compared with confocal displacement sensors using white LED light sources. This allows for increased stability and higher accuracy even when the measurement point changes due to target height variations. The wide angle opening, combined with the coaxial multi-color confocal method, allow the CL-3000 to accurately measure curved or angled targets where only small amounts of light are reflected back from the target.

Multi-color light is generated using a LPD light source that emits red and green light simultaneously. The emitted light is more stable and of higher brightness over a wider range of wavelength bands compared to typical white LEDs. This ensures there are sufficient light levels at all points in the measurement range, allowing for higher accuracy.

The Quad Spot system directs light onto four points on the target. The light from each of these four points is received onto four separate CMOSs and measurements are determined for each point. The signal strength and reliability of each point is evaluated and the unique processing system determines the true measurement by removing the influence from irregular reflections.

With conventional laser measurement sensors, optical axis alignment, which is critical for achieving high-accuracy thickness measurement, is challenging to configure. With the CL-3000 the sensor is easily aligned using the optical-axis alignment function included in the PC software combined with an adjustable fixture for thickness measurement.

For more information: www.keyence.com