High Performance Laser Distance Sensors Launched by Baumer

Baumer has launched its performance OM70 laser point and laser line distance sensors offering high-precision measurement technology for use by the automation industry. Due to repeatable sub-micrometer and minimal linearity deviations, the sensors enable reliable measurement of components as well as high-precision positioning of objects or grippers. The sensors guarantee extremely high process stability despite variations in temperature or varying ambient light conditions. The OM70 laser point sensors are suitable for position and height checks of small components; the very fine laser line offers high precision even for demanding surfaces.

Special variants for tolerance measurement allow an efficient check of the dimensional accuracy of objects. By teaching-in a reference, the OM70 sensors directly determine the deviation from the target measurement. A digital output can be parameterized which can be carried out directly on the sensor via the clearly visible touch display with integrated live monitor.

Baumer has also released its new O300 miniature laser sensors with IO-Link. The sensor laser beam focuses to within 0.1 mm with high repeatability accuracy of 0.1 mm allowing objects to be positioned with high precision. With an extremely short response time of less than 0.1 ms, the sensor reliably detects even closely spaced objects allowing fast processes and high throughput rates.

The O300 offers exact alignment of the laser beam to the fixing holes using qTarget and the teach-in method (qTeach) allows easy commissioning of the laser sensor. Using IO-Link integration, the O300 laser sensors are “Ready for Industry 4.0” which allows the quick and easy configuration of sensors for all applications using standard network components.

For more information: www.baumer.com