High Dynamic Range Blue Laser Scanner Launched

The Micro Epsilon scanCONTROL 3060-25/BL laser profile scanner set a new performance level in precision profile measurements. The innovative technology makes scanControl ideally suited to measurement tasks in automation environments with high requirements in terms of precision and speed. Based on the Blue Laser Technology, these sensors achieve high accuracies and in addition, the new High Dynamic Range mode enables precise results even on demanding surfaces.

scanCONTROL 3060-25/BL laser scanners are designed for dynamic measurement tasks with high demands on resolution and accuracy. Therefore, these sensors are primarily used in automation tasks, production and process monitoring as well as quality control. Generating 2048 measurement points per profile, they achieve X-resolutions of around 12 µm. With a profile frequency up to 10 kHz, these laser scanners are intended for high speed processes.

The selectable High Dynamic Range mode (or HDR mode) offers innovative exposure control. In this mode, the lines of the sensor matrix are exposed differently but simultaneously. Therefore, the intensity of each matrix line is different. The sensor ultimately chooses the most optimal intensity curve and thus generates precise measurement results even on dark and inhomogeneous surfaces. Output of the values determined is via Ethernet or RS422. Furthermore, the optional scanCONTROL Gateway enables the output of measured values via Profinet, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP.

The scanCONTROL 3060-25/BL is a laser scanner based on the Blue Laser Technology, which offers decisive advantages in various measurement tasks compared to sensors with a red laser diode. Unlike the long-wave red laser, the short-wave, blue-violet laser light hardly penetrates the measurement object. Particularly with organic materials such as wood or semi-transparent objects such as adhesive beads or plastic profiles, this effect becomes visible. The laser scanner sharply images the blue laser line even onto these types of surfaces. The laser line is then projected onto the sensor element, which enables stable and precise measurement results.

For more information: www.micro-epsilon.com