Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Launches New CMM Integration Solution

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has launched the I/O Flow Manager all-in-one software and hardware package solution, which enables manufacturers to integrate a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) into a production cell with minimal pre-programming or training requirements. I/O Flow Manager Makes CMM Integration Fast and Cost Efficient Through a Simple Modular System.

Hardware integration within the production cell is improved by using a standard industrial connector with a predefined layout within an I/O Box. The I/O Flow Manager software uses a modular setup to enable completely customisable measurement routines to meet individual customer requirements. Unlike bespoke solutions, the I/O Flow Manager system is simple to set up, reducing downtime during installation.

I/O Flow Manager is equipped with a workflow editor as standard, simplifying operations for all levels of user. It is also preconfigured for use with barcode and RFID readers, enabling automatic workpiece recognition in fully-automated installations.

“Integrating a CMM into a production cell brings indispensable benefits in terms of improvements in efficiency and increased throughput,” explains Pietro Frascella, Sales Operations Manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Turin Factory. “Our aim is to make integrated metrology more accessible and cost effective for our customers by developing a solution with all the benefits of a bespoke package without the high price-tag or long development time.”

The new I/O Flow Manager is compatible with the shop-floor hardened TIGO SF CMM and the GLOBAL range machines.

For more information: www.hexagonmi.com