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Hexagon Launches Entry-level Optical CMM

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the launch of Captura, an entry-level optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that offers an intuitive and cost-effective solution for multisensor measurement of small to medium parts.

Captura supports measurements using vision sensors, laser sensors and confocal sensors, and is designed to offer good price to performance ratio for the entry-level market. The basic machine is supplied with a vision sensor and can be expanded with additional sensors. The dynamic machine concept offers high positioning accuracy, fast measuring point acquisition, and high-performance vision capturing. Captura CMMs run the Metus metrology software, a Hexagon-developed package for 2.5D multisensor measurement. Metus has its roots Hexagon’s flagship PC-DMIS metrology software, and delivers the highest standard of precision measurement in an easy-to-use software package.

The Captura vision sensor has a high-resolution CCD colour camera and a programmable 6.5x motorised zoom lens. It comes with variable illumination: Parallel LED back light, six-ring and eight-segment LED ring light for high contrast illumination of complex surfaces and edges. There is also a range of optional 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x, 2x replacement lenses available, as well as 0.5x, 0.67x, 2.0x adapter tubes, a coaxial LED top light, and laser point and laser line triangulation sensors for the high-speed distance and profile measurements of very small parts. The optional enhancements include chromatic confocal displacement sensors for scanning any material and surface types, for thickness measurement of transparent objects and capturing the topology of microstructures.

“Multisensor and optical CMMs are ideal for manufacturers who are working with very small or fragile parts, or with materials that can’t be measured with touch probes – for example in the electronics sector,” said Kah Khoon Goh, Business Development Director Asia-Pacific. “As manufacturing in the Asia-Pacific region diversifies, we’re seeing more manufacturers selecting this kind of system. Together with the user-friendly Metus software, Captura has been designed to meet the specific requirements of entry-level users without compromising on overall performance.”

Captura is available exclusively in the Asia-Pacific region.

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