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New ‘HandsOnMetrology’ Platform Showcases Portable Optical Metrology

A new digital platform has been launched for companies wanting to integrate the benefits of optical 3D metrology into their quality control processes. On the platform metrology experts share their know-how during tutorials and how-to’s ‑ from unboxing to the first scan and from part inspections to data analyses. End users tell their personal stories and provide insights into various application areas of metrology solutions.

For the first time in optical metrology a platform provides in-depth information about GOM and ZEISS 3D scanning solutions that will solve several measuring tasks and offers hands-on advice. The platform focusses on the new to the market hand-held measuring systems ZEISS T-SCAN 10 and T-SCAN hawk as well as GOM’s compact 3D scanner ATOS Q. These systems excel at their precise measuring results and allow for a mobile and flexible use around the shop floor. The GOM Inspect Suite software is pre-installed on all three systems and supports user during inspections and analyses. It also walks users through the entire workflow from 3D scanning to the evaluation, including the inspection report.

Tutorials and How-To’s

Which measurands can I cover? Does the measuring system meet my requirements? How do I set up and operate the system I opted for? Platform videos featuring metrology experts will provide answers to these typical user questions. Users will also find tips and tricks as well as demonstrations of measuring processes and video instructions for the GOM Inspect Suite inspection software. Step-by-step instructions help users to operate their measuring system. gives them all the support they need to get started with 3D scanning.

Stories from Makers for Makers

From quality control of first articles and individual 3D-printed components through to reverse engineering for ‘old-timers’ ‑ the applications of optical 3D metrology know no bounds. Real makers talk about their passion in personal video-clips. That’s what is about: from makers for makers in all manufacturing fields.

Many Inspection Features for Free

With its all-in-one GOM Inspect software, 3D metrology specialist GOM has become a standard in many industries. GOM’s new software platform GOM Inspect Suite embraces and facilitates the complete workflow from scanning to reporting for maximum ease of use. GOM Inspect Suite offers a host of inspection features and is available for free after registration. The full version of GOM Inspect Suite provides the full extent of data analysis and template capabilities. Users can download a free 30-day trial version to test out the software and its professional features.

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