Green 3D Stereo Scanner Offers Double Directed Stripes

Two detectors, measurement with green LED light, total noise reduction, and the ability to perform professional 3D scans independent of changes in external lighting conditions are the main features of the latest product created by the 3D scanning specialists SMARTTECH3D. MICRON3D green stereo scanner is claimed a revolutionary optical measuring sensor dedicated to modern manufacturing enterprises.

Developers at the SMARTTECH3D company worked for over two and a half years to create the innovative 3D scanner and is a response to the demand from the industrial sectors served. SMARTTECH3D has developed a method of measuring with green LED light with a wavelength of 520 nm, which, together with the filters used, reduces the impact of lighting changes on measurements providing scanning results up to 30% improved over the traditional method of measuring with white light.

What additionally distinguishes the MICRON3D green stereo scanner is its use of high-quality two monochrome detectors, which allows for a more accurate representation of the structure of the scanned surface. Each object is scanned in Stereo Mode: from two independent directions at the same time, and the measurement result is a registered common part. The new projection method included in MICRON3D green stereo – Double Directed Stripes (DDS) means that the light stripes are now projected at each object perpendicularly – as were used in previous models and horizontally which is the novelty. Stereo Mode and DDS projection method technology results in lower uncertainty of scanning results, lower number of errors and noise reduction in scanning results.

The shockproof carbon-fiber cover is temperature resistant while HEPA filters preserve it from dust. The MICRON3D green stereo scanner is dedicated mainly ideally suited to industrial quality control or reverse engineering.

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