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Gone in 60 Seconds – High Speed Inline CT

Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business (formerly GE Inspection) will be introducing a cutting-edge high power inline microCT for NDT & metrology applications. The phoenix speed|scan HD, with a scanning volume: Ø 150 mm x 200 mm, resolution of 25-50 µm will offer cycle times of < 60 seconds making the CT machine the perfect solution for inline inspection.

Typical inspection applications phoenix speed|scan H include batteries, connectors, complex assemblies and injection moldings located atline or inline. The Waygate phoenix production line is designed for highspeed CT being able to inspect a significant amount of produced parts with up to 100% inspection control. All parts can be identified by individual serial number using QR codes.

With unique and proprietary technology (detector/x-ray tube/part manipulation/AI based software) allows application dependent scanning time to be reduced down to just seconds.. Proprietary AI based software supports automatic evaluation of CT data sets.

phoenix speed|scan HD minimized user interaction compared to conventional CT‘s offering a 90% – 98% reduction of operator time due to robotics and automated workflow,  90% – 98% reduction of analysis time by experts due to automated defect recognition and a 5 – 10x increase in throughput compared to part manual inspection on conventional CT.

The robust phoenix speed|scan HD is designed for 24/7 operation in industrial environments. Patented x-ray security gates for continuous x-ray on to achieve shortest takt times. Throughput is maximized through fully automated part handling and a fully integrated automated filter changer for part mix flexibility.  Advanced microfocus-technology for inspecting a large number of parts (30-60 pieces per hour) with high resolution (up to 20µm). Parallel reconstruction of data sets and evaluation with automated defect recognition (ADR) for pass/fail decisions.  100% statistical quality data provides process optimization contributing to zero-defect part production and engaging in a ‘no-recalls’ mind-set.

The proprietary microfocus x-ray tube 240kV/100W offers improved x-ray tube design for increased robustness and highest reliability on the manufacturing floor offering high resolution, high penetration and short cycle time. The proprietary Dynamic41 100/200 x-ray detector has been designed and optimized for long-term stability and reliability at industrial high energy use. A next generation photodiode design offers up to 10x improved efficiency and sensitivity compared to ‘state of the art’ 200 µm pixel detectors delivering high speed+ high SNR (signal to noise ratio) short cycle time.

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