GOM Software 2019 Showcased at Control

The GOM 3D data evaluation software is a central component of its 3D measuring systems. With an annual software development cycle, GOM offers improvements and new features specifically developed to meet customers’ needs. In the GOM Software 2019, the company is focusing on new functionalities aimed at optimizing workflows, which are summarized under the term “Smart Teach”. The software was significantly enhanced for the GOM CT, and GOM is further enhancing its innovation in the field of virtual clamping; instead of using complex clamping devices, it will also be possible to measure with algorithms in the future.

Smart Teach – Enhanced Automation 

With the new Smart Teach functionalities of the GOM software, the system takes over tasks that previously had to be performed by the user in the work process. If the CAD or single elements change, the measurement positions are automatically updated with Smart Teach. In addition, the user is much more supported in achieving a stable measuring sequence in a shorter time by advanced display options of the project status. This is also further emphasized by the introduction of application templates for application-specific parameter assignment prior to the measuring procedure. For shiny or complex surfaces that require a specific measuring angle due to their nature, these preferences offer significant efficiency gains in the work process.

GOM CT Professional

The new GOM CT Professional software enables both the operation of the GOM CT and the inspection of complex parts. Volume-based data can be measured and inspected in a simple workflow without the need for third-party software. All surfaces, even internal structures, can be used for shape and dimension analyses or nominal-actual comparisons. The inspection results can be visualized in reports with snapshots, images, tables, diagrams, text and graphics.

Virtual Clamping – Mathematical Part Clamping 

At Control, GOM will presents a preview of the virtual clamping enhancements developed for ATOS and GOM Inspect Professional software packages. In many cases, sheet metal and injection-molded parts must be brought into a constrained position for dimensional evaluation. Virtual clamping replaces complex clamping devices with an innovative FEM-based algorithm. The virtual clamping process is fully integrated into the GOM workflow.

Industry 4.0: Digital Data Transfer and Context-Sensitive Evaluation

In the course of industry 4.0, it is becoming increasingly important to transfer data such as product manufacturing information (PMI) from design and measurement applications quickly and easily. Defining a 3D Master within the CAD model is one of the tools offering substantial benefits in metrology. The 3D Master allows creating the entire inspection plan within the CAD in advance. This way, the inspection plan can be generated directly during the CAD import into the GOM software. Complex additional programming in the measuring software is not necessary. GOM has further optimized corresponding interfaces for the digital transfer of inspection features in the GOM Software 2019.

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