GOM Expands ATOS ScanBox Range

GOM has expanded its ATOS ScanBox series to meet the requirements of the automotive industry, in particular regarding the measurement of large and heavy parts such as car side panels and complete car bodies.

The latest and largest models, ATOS ScanBox Series 7 and 8, can be used for automated 3D digitizing and inspection of parts up to 2.5 x 6 m. The new GOM Optical Measuring Machines can be set up and put into operation in any desired place in shop floors without requiring a permanent installation or heavy ground works.

Unlike conventional systems for the automated measurement of large parts with heavy robots mounted on huge rails, the new ATOS ScanBox models extend the working range of the ATOS scanner by introducing new robot kinematics. GOM’s 8-axis kinematics – a combination of a horizontal rail, a vertical lift and an articulated robot – allows the greatest possible flexibility in positioning the ATOS sensor. Due to these 8 degrees of freedom, parts can be measured from every perspective including car interiors.

While ATOS ScanBox Series 7 is equipped with one rail, Series 8 is a double robot measuring cell with the possibility of using a duplex measuring mode. Both robot-driven ATOS 3D scanners perform simultaneous and coordinated full-field 3D measurements to inspect whole car bodies or interiors.

For more information: www.gom.com