GOM Launches ATOS Capsule Optical Precision Measuring Machine

The ATOS Capsule uses a fringe projection system and excels its high precision for fine details and can be utilized for first article inspection of gears, turbine blades and automotive wheels or medical parts. ATOS Capsule is based on the established GOM technology and expands its series of ATOS 3D scanners.

GOM atos-capsule scanning sensorThe ATOS Capsule sensor return full-field distributed 3D coordinates for each individual measurement. Up to 12 million independent measuring points are captured within 1 to 2 seconds. The measuring data is characterized by highly detailed reproduction, thus also enabling very small component features to be measured.

The  maximum stiffness housing design, manufactured from investment cast aluminum, ensures the ATOS Capsule provides process stability for automated industrial applications ensuring precise measuring results. In addition, optics and electronics are protected against dust and fluid contaminants in the housing.

The ATOS Capsule can be used fully automated  when integrated in the ATOS Scan Box modular measuring machine. Combined with the photogrammetric add-on sensor ATOS Plus, bigger components or several parts can be measured simultaneously with higher accuracy.

Triple Scan Technology

With duel cameras, the projection unit operates according to the triple scan principle. During the measurement, precise fringe patterns are projected onto the surface of the object and are recorded by two cameras, based on the stereo camera principle. This automatic principle offers advantages in measuring reflective surfaces or objects with complex indentations.

GOM ATOS Scanbox CMMBlue Light Technology

The projection unit of the ATOS Capsule system is based on Blue Light Technology. Since the sensor works with narrow-band blue light, interfering ambient light can be filtered during image acquisition and due to its powerful light source short measuring times can be achieved.

Self-Monitoring System

The sensor recognizes changing ambient conditions during operation and is able to compensate these changes due to the sensor software continuously monitoring the calibration status, the transformation accuracy, environmental changes and part movements to ensure the quality of the measuring data.

In GOM’s automated measuring machines sensors can be operated together with the Plus Box, a photogrammetric add-on sensor, which is directly mounted onto the ATOS system. It allows for fully automated measuring of reference point markers with a deviation of 3 μm-15 μm. These reference point markers create a 3D volume, in which the detailed individual measurements of the ATOS Capsule are transformed automatically. Thus, the overall accuracy of the overarching photogrammetric measurement is achieved.

Optical 3D coordinate measuring machines are replacing tactile measuring systems and gages in many areas of industry. They capture more detailed and more easily interpretable quality information of an object with significantly shorter measuring times. Whereas mechanical measuring systems capture data in a point-based or linear manner, optical measuring systems return full-field data about deviations between the actual 3D coordinates and the CAD data. As this measuring data contains all the object information, in addition to the surface deviations from the CAD, the software also automatically derives detailed information such as GD&T, trimming or hole positions.

For more information: www.gom.com