GOM ARAMIS SRX 3D Measurement System Provides Dynamic Evaluation

The  ARAMIS SRX from GOM is a 3D measurement system for dynamic evaluation of 3D coordinates, 3D displacement and surface strain. It comprises the latest 12-megapixel camera technology capturing up to 2000 images per second, the sensor is especially designed for rapid testing applications and comes with an additional setup for crash applications providing an image acquisition rate of 1000 images per second in HD format.

With the combination of high resolution and high speed, the ARAMIS SRX sensor is perfectly suited to high-end measurement applications and is designed for high stability, process reliability and user-friendliness with primarily used in industrial environments and applications.

Sensor Setup

The ARAMIS sensor is a stereo camera system providing precise 3D coordinates based on triangulation. The robust housing ensures high stability with a reduced need for sensor calibration making the ARAMIS SRX suitable for industrial environments applications. The exchangeable camera frames, preset and certified measuring lenses allow for a fast adjustment of measuring areas. Image acquisition is controlled via trigger assignment within the cameras ensuring the process stability of the sensor.

Light Projector

A blue light light projector is used for measurement of areas up to 1m x 1m and can be set to different illumination areas and provides a stable light source for accurate measurements in all environments.

Tracking Spots

Tracking Spots are used for the illumination of large areas up to 5 m x 5 m and optimized for point-wise measurements of motion analyses. The dual light source configuration utilizes retro-reflecting effect of point markers enabling exposure times in the microsecond range for objects moving with high speed.


ARAMIS sensor calibration is performed using the supplied software with certified high-precision calibration objects. The intuitive calibration procedure takes just a few minutes and ensures a highly accurate calibration result independent from system operator.

The measurement system can be used in durability tests, fatigue testing, wind tunnel tests and vibration analysis. Measuring results can be viewed online or transferred to other programs and processed live. The online measurement of parts and their movements are specifically aligned and positioned to CAD. In addition the GOM, optically tracked, Touch probe can be used for tactile measurement of subject areas that are difficult to access optically.

For more information: www.gom.com