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Globally Leading Control 2021 Exhibition is Omnipresent

Preparation remains underway for the 34th control international trade fair for quality assurance in Stuttgart from the 4th through the 7th of May, 2021. The industry sector is eagerly awaiting the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance as an on-site event for a highly professional and personal exchange of ideas and experience concerning all aspects of innovative new products from the fields of vision technology, image processing and sensor technology, as well as measuring and test technology.

“At the moment, more than 20,000 square metres have already been booked,” reports Fabian Krüger, Control project manager at P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. “The exhibitors are waiting for the moment when they’ll once again finally be able to meet up with their expert audience face to face.” Rainer Lotz, President EMEA and Managing Director of Renishaw GmbH, couldn’t agree more: “The digital events have made good progress where quality and acceptance are concerned. But based on experience gained this year we’re able to say that they can’t replace live trade fairs. In particular leading trade fairs like Control are an important catalyst for the industry. Face-to-face meetings and actually “seeing and feeling” a technology are a much more intensive basis for initiating business relations.” For Rainer Lotz too, the digital platforms have proven helpful during the recent pandemic-plagued months, in particular Control-Virtual: “It helps to keep people communicating within the industry. For me it’s an important tool, but it can’t replace a trade fair!”

Leading Trade Fair Control – an Important Catalyst for the Industry

“Efficient quality assurance increases the competitiveness of manufacturing processes. This is especially important where, at least to a given extent, value creation is being returned to Europe from Asia due to experience with supply chain problems. Beyond this, increased levels of quality and precision at a low cost per unit can only be achieved with highly efficient quality assurance within the production process,” explains Rainer Lotz, thus emphasising the significance of QA for the industrial manufacturing sector. Efficient and effective QA brings more and more flexibility and transparency into the manufacturing process. Concrete, implementable action plans for routine daily production result from the collection of large volumes of suitable data, as well as their targeted, intelligent evaluation. Not least of all, individualisation and a broad spectrum of variants within the production process are promoting this thrust towards digitalisation. Diverse QA modules serve as an indispensable basis for smart factories, in which components autonomously weave their way through production. In this regard, digitalisation is of special importance in the field of QA, where its significance thus continues to grow.

Industrial Quality Assurance at the Forefront

As the world’s most important technical event covering all of the issues associated with measuring and test technology, as well as vision technology, image processing and sensor technology, Control is the most important trade fair for many companies because it presents everything they need for industrial QA.

The next live Control is scheduled to take place from the 4th through the 7th of May, 2021.

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