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Global Fixturing Supplier Keeps Automotive Quality on Track

Alukeep.GmbH is a German company situated in Munich, with its Headquarter located in Verona, in the north-east of Italy, a region with a high concentration of precision mechanics manufacturing companies. For 15 years Alukeep has been producing a patented modular fixturing system for precision measurement equipment and regularly exported its products to 25 countries, including China, through metrology distributors operating in local markets and who operate close to their final customers.

Car manufacturers and their suppliers are the principle users of the Alukeep part and assembly fixturing products. Alukeep.GmbH modular fixturing system are respected for their quality, easy use and flexibility. All the patented components are subjected to strict quality and repeability checks to guarantee the highest level of reliability, stability and recyclability.

A new technical office was opened in 2019 allowing it team of skilled engineers, specialized in the design of Meisterbock fixtures, to develop any type of fixturing solutions including complete Meisterbocks, internal and external master cubings, cradles for scanning saddles along with traditional control gauges for sheet metal and plastic components and assemblies.


The exterior Meisterbock are used in conjunction with measuring equipment allowing the functional analysis of prototype sheet metal and add-on parts and allows the inspection of contours and seams in an ‘as-assembled’ scenario.

The Meisterbock experience can be seamlessly integrated using the companies automated warehouse that solves traditional storage problems associated with unused sub-groups. The ONO Racks represent a revolutionary solution in the field of warehouse logistics: their capacity, shape and  structure can be expanded over time with minimal and low-cost additions, thus allowing customers to schedule and recover the initial investment and by adapting the warehouse to ongoing needs. ONO Racks are the perfect solution for companies that need to store and move goods and production materials frequently, and eliminate time wastage and resources, as well as automating the movement of materials.

A patented system also allows user to connect multiple warehouses allowing operators to access and handle different materials simultaneously by using different bays providing real-time inventory control of the entire system.

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