Global 3D Scanner Market Predicts Continued Uptake by Manufacturing

A 3D scanner is any device that measure the tangible things using light, laser or x-ray and create dense point clouds or polygon meshes. 3D scanners are also known as 3D digitizers, white light scanners, laser scanners, LIDAR, industrial CT, and others. There exist numerous distinct methods for 3D scanning, based on diverse principles of imaging.

While some technologies are perfect for short-range scanning, others are better for long- or mid-range scanning. 3D scanning technology finds application at any point in a manufacturing cycle and helps save time, material and money. 3D scanning results in enhanced quality, and improved fitting parts which require less cost for production.

By utilizing 3D scanning, the cost of a typical manufacturing design cycle can be reduced by 75%. 3D scanning offers several advantages such as quick capture of all physical measurements of any physical object, time-saving design work, and assurance of parts manufacturing with precise measurements which is triggering the demand for 3D scanners.

The 3D scanner market is segmented on the basis of type, application, range, vertical and region. On the basis of type, the 3D scanner market can be segmented into optical scanner, laser scanner, and structured light scanner. According to application, the 3D scanner market can be segmented into rapid prototyping, quality inspection, reverse engineering and other applications. By range, the global 3D scanner market can be segmented into short-range, medium-range and long-range scanners.

Driven by the surge in demand by manufacturing, the 3D scanner market is anticipated to witness high growth during the next 10 years. North America accounted for a major percentage of the global 3D scanner market todate. Structured light scanner is expected to create significant opportunities for 3D scanner manufacturers.

Technological advancement and development of handheld 3D scanners is expected to drive growth of global 3D scanner market. Reverse engineering services are witnessing high adoption due to widespread industrial applications in sectors such as automobile, manufacturing, defence, and aerospace.High initial prices of 3D scanners are limiting the industrial adoption of the product and is expected to be acontinuing restraint for the global 3D scanner market.

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