Gear Inspection Company Klingelnberg Form Technology Cooperation

Klingelnberg, a leading supplier of Gear Inspection Machines, and Starrag, manufacturer of precision machine tools, have announced a cooperation between the two companies concerning the development of powerful products for complete machining and a joint purchasing policy.

The first innovative project that Klingelnberg and Starrag are going to implement together is the introduction of a five-axis machine for toothed gear machining where several process steps can be carried out on one machine allowing different manufactured parts to be produced directly from bar stock providing significant added value for the customer. The new product will be marketed under the Klingelnberg name, and will be presented to the general public for the first time at this year’s EMO trade fair in Hanover, which is taking place from 18th to 23rd September 2017.

“We are the perfect match in terms of technological know-how and with regard to market segments – Starrag has intensive coverage of the aerospace area, and we have a strong presence in the automotive industry” states Jan Klingelnberg, CEO of the Klingelnberg Group.

Starrag has the entire technology spectrum for cutting, turning, drilling and grinding of metal workpieces in its portfolio, Klingelnberg is a gear technology company specializing in the development and production of machinery for bevel gear and cylindrical gear machining and a range of precision measuring centers for measuring all kinds of rotation-symmetrical components. An automatic connection can be realized between the Klingelnberg measuring technology and the production machines using their closed loop feedback system unique in the market.

The cooperation is going to start with joint development of the machinery. Other cooperation projects are also in the pipeline. “We have deliberately sought out the Klingelnberg Group as our partner because we have a very similar company philosophy and culture”, explains Walter Börsch, CEO of the Starrag Group.

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