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GE Inspection Robotics become part of Waygate Technologies

GE Inspection Robotics (GEIR) has become part of Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business.  The company is a market leader in industrial inspection technologies with the broadest portfolio of high-performance industrial X-ray & CT, visual and ultrasonic inspection solutions.

In a statement the company commented “Together, we will drive innovations in Advanced Inspection Solutions (AIS), strengthen our automated data capture capabilities, and deliver insights for Industry 4.0 and NDT 4.0 demands. In joining Waygate Technologies, we are gaining access not only to a strong international network, but also to aspirational technologies including solutions for remote visual and ultrasonic testing with which our robotic systems will be equipped. Leveraging the Waygate Technologies global network we can offer local support and services to our valued customers helping to implement our technologies faster and more easily.”

The inspection robotics team will continue to work from its HQ in Zurich, Switzerland. The team will be part of Waygate Technologies’ Visual business unit.

3D LOC – Localization and Mapping Inside Confined spaces

The newly released 3D LOC for confined space inspection can precisely locate and navigate an inspection crawler to the location of interest and the foundation for autonomous robotic inspections. Offering a novel approach to confined space robot localization the technology provides full 3D spatial awareness of the robot in the asset and provides a 3D interactive robot control. Inspection data is automatically tagged with the precise position in the asset, and a digital twin containing all the inspection data is maintained. Inspection reports are generated automatically, and the data can be uploaded into asset performance management systems.
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