Gap and Flush Solution for Transparent Head and Tail Lamps Announced By Perceptron

Perceptron has announced the release of its AutoFit solution for gap and flush measurement on transparent head lamps and tail lamps, chrome trim, and painted surfaces.

Perceptron’s AutoFit solution pairs its new Helixsolo sensor family with an accurate algorithm suite for best-in-class gap and flush measurement results on all the critical parts that define the fit and finish of the complete car. Helixsolo is a full set of non-contact, laser-line sensors built for the plant floor with an IP67-rated housing. A high-resolution camera and multiple laser color options offer unparalleled return images on challenging materials without applying sprays, stickers or additional part preparation required by many vision technologies. The enhanced algorithm suite provides new measurement options and no longer requires a second validation device, delivering increased efficiencies and cost reductions for customers. The algorithms have been thoroughly tested against the automotive quality leaders’ fit and finish measurement standards and are approved for upcoming projects.

“Perceptron’s Helixsolo sensors unique pairing with the new algorithm suite vastly improves the value proposition for 100-percent gap and flush measurement in final assembly. The four corners of the car are critical to the finished vehicle’s appearance. If you consider the traditional head lamp, it must fit perfectly to the hood, the front fender, and the grill. Our differentiated ability to accurately measure the fit of the head lamps and tail lamps to all surrounding trim and painted surfaces helps our customers ensure optimal fit and finish,” said Rick Van Valkenburg, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing for Perceptron. “We have demonstrated the new AutoFit® solution to a variety of customers, receiving positive feedback, and are in the process of installing the first system.”

The AutoFit solution is robot independent and supports standard industrial robots and collaborative robots. Depending on customer requests and applications, AutoFit can be installed as a stop station or as a moving line where the measurements are taken as the part continuously moves along the manufacturing line. In both situations, the measurement results are presented on large displays above the system and provide guidance to the operator, soliciting efficient analysis and accurate adjustments.

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