GageList Mobile Revolutionizes Gage Calibration

GageList has announced the release of GageList Mobile for iOS and Android. The app is now available in the App Store and Google Play and was introduced to the quality management industry at the recent Annual ISO 9000 World Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

The calibration management system (CMS) space is stated by the company to be dominated by complex desktop platforms that charge expensive seat licenses and require extensive training to operate. GageList offers a simple cloud-based SaaS platform with a user-friendly cost structure. GageList Mobile extends the GageList service model and allows easy, real-time gage management with or without Internet access.

While other platforms charge on a per-user basis, creating workflow bottlenecks, reinforcing silos and forcing users to adapt their calibration programs to fit their systems, GageList allows unlimited users and customizable permissions on all accounts, so multiple users – including auditors – can collaborate on a single gage list in real time.

The GageList Mobile app lets users manage gages in remote locations, perfect for large manufacturing facilities, offshore rigs, remote pipelines, telecom installations etc and uses the camera in the user’s smart device to pull up gage records by scanning a barcode on the individual gage, instead of manually searching, as on most CMS products.

A chief drawback of most CMS products is complexity. They tend to be loaded with features that never get used and require costly, time-consuming training. GageList is built on the idea that software should be so simple and intuitive so that training is not required; GageList Mobile can be downloaded, opened and used immediately with zero training. GageList is not a stripped-down, beginner-level CMS. It offers all of the necessary functions, including automated scheduling and notifications, customizable calibration certificates, label printing, compliance support, auditing, and vendor records. The GageList difference is making those functions simple, portable and easy to perform.

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