Automated Shop-Floor Surface Measurement Solution

Accretech has developed the Surfcom C5, as a fully automated, high-precision solution for the shop-floor. The big challenge when trying to measure minimal roughness values during production has been the noise floor of the measuring instruments and in addition there is often much higher ambient noise compared to the controlled laboratory testing environments. The noise floor and ambient noise may even exceed the roughness value, distorting measurement results.

With Surfcom C5 Accretech has succeeded in reducing the noise floor so that highly accurate measurements can be achieved without compromise in the production environment. An active damping table with high torsional rigidity reduces the influence of ambient vibrations. C5 has been designed with its natural frequency spectrum to counteract the excitation spectrum. In addition, the amount of electrical noise has been minimized.

Surfcom C5 allows fully automated measurement of crankshaft surface roughness during production and is already installed at a major car manufacturer measuring an Rpk value for the reduced peak height of <70 nm. A fully integrated automatic probe changer and CNC rotation axes perform the fully automatic measurement process.

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