Fully Automated High-Speed Gantry Design Inline CT for Process Control

Industrial CT was once used only in research departments and quality labs because of the time required to complete a inspection scan. Now however GE’s proprietary advances in hardware and software technology have shortened CT scanning time from hours to just seconds. Combined with robot based automated loading, industrial inline CT inspection and metrology is now available for process control and optimization directly on the production floor in automotive and aerospace foundries or for additive manufacturing applications.

GE is offering two industrial CT inspection solutions for inline process control.

  • Phoenix v|tome|x m with collaborative robot for fully automated high resolution microCT inspections e.g. turbine blades or additive manufactured parts.
  • Extremely fast speed|scan CT 64 system, where the proven medical CT gantry is being used for high-speed helix CT to scan parts such as cylinder heads castings with cycle times down to just 15 seconds. Combined with an industrial robot, the system is capable of fully automated inline CT inspection and evaluation procedures for use in ‘the foundry of the future’.

GE’s speed|scan CT 64 is a new automated high-speed industrial computed tomography (CT) system for production process control and optimization. Advanced medical GE gantry based CT provides technology that has been established over a period of nearly four decades and now is available for revolutionary high-speed process control in industry. The CT 64 system 4x faster than the first generation speed|scan and several hundred times faster than conventional industrial fan beam CT machines.

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