FormFactor Expands Test and Measurement Position

FormFactor, Inc. has announced the acquisition of FRT, based in Germany. FRT is the one of the fastest growing metrology suppliers in the semiconductor industry, with revenues expanding at more than 75% compounded annual growth rate since its inception..  This acquisition strengthens FormFactor’s leadership in test and measurement by expanding its addressable market into 3D surface metrology and extending the optical applications scope of its existing Engineering Systems business.

“The acquisition of FRT adds to FormFactor’s diversified portfolios of essential semiconductor test and measurement products.  It’s one of FormFactor’s strategic priorities to expand our leadership in advanced packaging and MEMS applications, and we are excited to welcome Dr. Thomas Fries and the FRT team to the FormFactor family,” said Dr. Mike Slessor, CEO of FormFactor.

The acquisition of FRT:

  • Expands FormFactor’s addressable market by $150 million
  • Accelerates the company’s growth in the fast-growing Advanced Packaging and MEMS applications
  • Adds to FormFactor’s test and measurement system product portfolio, complementing its consumable wafer test probe products

“It is an exciting time for FRT to join the FormFactor team,” said Dr. Thomas Fries, CEO of FRT. “We look forward to leveraging FormFactor’s well established global infrastructure and customer relationships to further accelerate our planned growth, while continuing to execute our new product development roadmap.”

In accordance with the terms of the transaction, FormFactor paid €19.7 million in cash for the acquisition. Up to €10.3 million of additional cash consideration may be payable subject to the performance of the acquired business in 2020.

FRT GmbH supplies 3D surface metrology for research and production. With micro- and nanometer resolution, the non-contact and non-destructive measuring systems measure optionally fully automatic data, topography, structure, step height, roughness, wear, thickness variation and film thickness.

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