Fluke Calibration Publishes Compensation Survey Results

Fluke Calibration has released the results of their second annual Calibration and Metrology Compensation Survey. Data collected in this survey shows median annual base salary information across multiple industries and disciplines in the field of metrology in the United States, and how those incomes differ between educational backgrounds, ranging from high school diploma to doctorate degree and including years of service and job roles, such as metrologist, calibration manager, calibration technician, metrology technician, or calibration engineer.

Invitations to participate in the survey were circulated via email and on social media. The survey included 17 questions about respondents’ geographic location; type of organization, industry, and lab; gender; job title; education and years of experience; salary; and workload. Salary estimates listed in the report are based on median values by volume of pay ranges selected.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide valuable insights for members of the calibration and metrology community for a second year,” said Dave Postetter, director of marketing for Fluke Calibration. “Having multiple years of data presents us with richer insights into the compensation landscape in metrology today. It also helps us keep a pulse on issues related to how job titles or location of employees impact pay, as well as to understand relationships between compensation and workload or size of calibration facilities. We feel that measuring these variables helps metrology professionals better navigate professional development paths.”

The results of the 2018 Calibration & Metrology Compensation Survey can be found at https://us.flukecal.com/metrology-compensation-survey.