Vacuum clamping system provides variety of part clamping options

The range of work-pieces which are clamped using vacuum during manufacturing and measuring processes is wide. From securing knee implants for milling to holding automotive leather covers for grinding to vacuum clamping of large format aluminum plates for the aerospace industry and even for facade technology everything is covered.

With regard to the required precision of clamped parts modern semiconductor technology takes a special place. Wafers, the starting point for semiconductor chips often require accuracy within a few nanometers. Even printing plates, foils with circuits and wafers are clamped accurately for testing and measuring with microporous vacuum clamping technology.

Horst Witte realized very early the potential that lay in vacuum clamping technology and already in the early eighties developed the first vacuum chucks for sale, after vacuum technology in his own company had already been used for many years for manufacturing accurate, high-quality aerospace parts.

Meanwhile, seven different types of chuck are available and in many variations ranging in size from a credit card to a house.

Vacuum clamping grid chucks

With this system large-scale parts i.e. for aircraft, preformed in relatively uneven aluminum or titanium plates, are clamped securely. Formats up to 4 x 12m are not uncommon. Various developments in automation for use on machining centers with pallet changing and vacuum tanks take place continuously.


The vacuum clamping system, in which you can mill!
This system consists of two components, vacuum chuck and the VAC-MAT.

The specially shaped plastic mat is simply placed between workpiece and chuck and due to its special material enables secure clamping and through-cutting of parts.

When changing from one shape to another no adjustments are necessary. Even workpieces which cover only half the surface of the Vac-Mat can be clamped for machining without any adjustments and at the press of a button.

The format of VAC-MAT is approx. 2.5 x 200 x 300mm, the thickness tolerance is +/- 0.04mm.

Modular VAC-MAT chucks can be assembled together with simple adapters to create a large surface using one central vacuum supply.

Slot type vacuum chuck

Milling a quantity of small workpieces from thin blank material, while maintaining thickness tolerances of a few hundredths of a millimeter, is not an easy operation. For this purpose the universal Witte vacuum system is particularly suitable.

By using special rubber adapter mats and individual adapter plates, the user has a suitable clamping system in minutes. With this method it is even possible to reliably cut out workpieces the size of a coin from larger blanks.

Various property rights, in some cases developed jointly with customers, also belong to the product portfolio.

Other vacuum systems and about 45 different variants of vacuum units and – generators round off the extensive range of vacuum clamping systems, and enable individual adaptation to customer requirements.
Comprehensive advice by phone and on site about Witte vacuum clamping systems ensures maximum benefits for customers.

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