Flexible PCB Manufacturer Acquires Keyence Instant Dimensional Measurement System

Rigid flex circuit board manufacturer, Printed Circuits, Inc. of Minneapolis, has purchased an IM-6225 Instant Measurement System from Keyence. The Keyence IM-6225 offers high speed accurate dimensional measurement capabilities in a small format that is ideal for measuring flex and rigid flex printed circuit boards. Ken Tannehill, President, commented “The Keyence unit brings us an unusual combination of high speed, high accuracy and ease of use that is hard to find in one machine. We have a CMM that is highly accurate, but slower than the Keyence. We have other units that are faster, but are not as accurate as the Keyence. Plus the Keyence has a field of view that is not distracted by three dimensional surfaces, making it ideal for complex flex and rigid flex surface measurement. This machine can take up to 100 measurements simultaneously in less than two seconds, which is quite impressive, and will make a great tool for our Quality Assurance department and our customers!”

The Keyence IM-Series Instant Measurement System is a visual inspection system that can perform measurements in place of optical comparators, calipers/micrometers, measuring microscopes, and optical CMMs. Typical applications are: springs, stamped parts, plastics, rings, gears, bottles, blind holes, threads, etc. The IM can perform hundreds of measurements on parts in seconds with an accuracy of +/- 2um. Profiles, GD&T, CAD imports, and automated programming are all easily performed.

The Keyence IM-6225 operatates by placing a component onto the measurement stage.  Once in place, it is immediately measured using the recorded shape of the part allowing for all features of the component to be measured simultaneously.

For more product information: www.keyence.com

Printed Circuits, Inc. is a US manufacturer of multilayer flex and rigid flex printed circuit boards with over 39 years of experience building circuits typically used in high reliability applications such as medical, military and commercial electronics where customers place a premium on reliability, package density, and weight. For more information, visit www.printedcircuits.com.